International Festival Of Folk Dances 2011

International Festival Of Folk Dances 2011

In 2011, the city of Tlemcen found itself privileged enough to serve as the global hosting centre of the International Festival of Folk Dances. Despite being one of the prime commercial, religious and industrial centers of Algeria, Tlemcen was never quite able to capture the attention of the worldwide media and tourism avenues. Thanks to the successful organization of this International Festival, which was not just a tribute to the dances but an ode to the cultural, religious vibrancy and multi-faceted ethnicity of the city as a whole; as a matter of fact, it was the Islamic Organization for Education, Culture and Sciences which played the principal role in organizing this grand event from end to end. Before we muse over the various aspects of the festival, let us take a look at the organizing body, and all the wonderful work that it has been doing over the last couple of decades.

Islamic Organization For Education, Culture And Sciences

So it was the year 1959, when 52 prime Muslim countries of the world came together to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Islam in various fields of excellence such as Educational Excellence, Cultural Glory and Scientific Achievements. This was when it was decided that a formal world body of sorts would be established, and thus this Islamic Organization for Education, Culture and Sciences came into being. Since then, Morocco has been the capital of this world body and not just the present advancements of member nations in various fields have been taken into consideration, but the past contributions have also been ascertained, studied and celebrated. Member States are always making efforts for significant cultural exchanges with one another, and promote the existence of a peaceful world where mankind can be at ease to pursue these interests as opposed to the terrible civil wars and bloodshed that is happening today.

Line-Up Of Events

The line-up of events that were planned for this International Islamic Cultural Festival at Tlemcen was top-of-the-line. There were the festivals and activities, exhibitions and symposiums that made their mark by drawing the masses in huge numbers. It is the staggering participation of the commoners that was observed to grasp the sheer magnificence and high reception of these mass-attracting events.  Additionally, there were a number of members-only and invites-only events such as projects, symposiums and media conferences. Finally, there was standing ovation paid to various other facets such as folk dance shows, cinema and theatre showcases as well as the opening President’s address to the entire Islamic world community.